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community expectations

The following expectations and guidelines are informing our planning efforts. These are based on recommendations from the Health & Safety Working Group,COVID Response Team, review of relevant local, state, and federal restrictions and guidance, and input from health professionals.

general expectations for all who are working on-site include:

  • taking personal responsibility to self-identify their health status, including a daily temperature check.
  • maintaining personal hygiene on campus, including regular hand washing.
  • wearing face coverings except when in their own private work zones with no one else present. (see face covering policy)
  • keeping personal work surfaces and common touch points clean and sanitized regularly.
  • embracing social distancing standards at all times.
  • completion of the safecolleges training.

also of note, any necessary gatherings should not exceed 10 persons. please note that visitors to campus should be limited, and hosts must make sure guests complete our health questionnaire and follow our community guidelines and expectations. admission visits began the week of june 8. more detailed aspects of returning to on-campus work are further described below. 

guidelines for return to in-person operations for all university employees

effective: may 28, 2020

requirements for employees

all employees are encouraged to continue to perform as much of their work remotely as possible. everyone who can complete their work remotely should continue to do so until they have permission from their area vice president to return to campus operations.

university travel continues to be allowed only when approved by your area vice president and should be limited to essential travel needs only.

if permitted to work on campus, continue with remote meetings when possible. offices should stagger arrival of employees and/or establish alternating days if possible. each vice president is coordinating this in their respective areas.

all employees permitted to conduct on-site work are required to monitor their health and self-report any covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) to their manager and human resources. if you feel you are symptomatic, you must stay at home.

all employees entering the workplace must take their temperature prior to coming to campus. temperature readings must not exceed 99.9 degrees for entry.

upon entering the workplace, employees must always wear a face covering while indoors and practice social distancing (six-feet apart). the one exception is that while working in a closed-door office or workstation, employees may remove their face covering. at present, each employee working on campus should use their own personal face covering. looking to the future, wittenberg is exploring issuing washable face coverings for all employees and students.

when entering or exiting an office space or restroom, please consider using a paper towel or other barrier (gloves, shirt sleeve) to cover your hand before activating the door handle. during phase i, wittenberg recommends only one person at a time be allowed in restrooms. employees should lock the exterior door of the restroom, if possible, while it is in use.

employees are to practice personal hygiene, wash hands regularly, and sanitize touch points at all times as is practical.

employees must stay home if they are symptomatic. as always, they should be in contact with their supervisor regarding their work schedule and arrangements. if an employee has been tested for covid-19 or received a physician’s order for a test, the employee must report this information to human resources.

employees must ensure a minimum of six feet between employees, and limit congregation in common areas and office spaces.

requirements for employees hosting visitors

consistent with wittenberg’s shared community values, employees who plan to host visitors must ensure that visitors understand and adhere to all guest expectations and requirements while at the university. toward this end, visitors must:

  • wear facial coverings. (offices approved for visitors should develop a plan to provide face coverings to guests in coordination with their area vice president.)
  • take temperature prior to coming to campus.
  • complete the university’s online health questionnaire prior to arrival. (vice presidents will ensure that their respective divisions understand that any visitors who arrive without completing the form must be provided the link and asked to complete the questionnaire immediately.)

in-person events should be canceled or postponed if social distancing guidelines cannot be met.

offices and workstations

employees must frequently disinfect desks, workstations, and high-contact surfaces. cleaning and sanitizing supply stations will be placed strategically throughout the common office space. note: alpha and omega will disinfect common areas daily (m-f).

all employees/offices permitted to work on-site should work with their area vice president to coordinate needs for supply stations. employees are expected to pre-sanitize all surfaces in their offices and common spaces prior to and post usage.

copiers should be utilized only as assigned and will be sanitized regularly.

maximum capacity for office units and common areas needs to be established in consultation with the physical plant.

office spaces or workstations need to be redesigned to accommodate six feet or more of distance.

within offices, employees need to reduce sharing of work materials and ensure materials are sanitized following use.

appropriate campus signage, in accordance with our shared community expectations, will be created by university communications and posted/installed by the physical plant. if there is a need for additional signage, please contact

only one person at a time should be in any campus elevator.

all kitchens and/or hospitality areas for food and drink service, to the extent possible, should not be used (excluding dining service operations) until further notice.

water may be accessed but only clean, unused water bottles etc. may be used when accessing the water cooler, tap or fountain. it is highly encouraged that employees bring their own filled water bottle to work.

shared appliances (refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher) as well as all flatware and dishware should not be used to the extent possible.

confirmed cases

for any employee who develops symptoms while at work, immediately isolate, and call the switchboard operator at 937-327-6231 for next steps.

human resources will contact the clark county combined health department for all suspected cases or exposures for employees.

the entire office unit and common spaces will be shut down for deep sanitation for a minimum of 48 hours.



shared expectations

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