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campus status and confirmed covid-19 cases

the information contained below reflects reported positive covid-19 cases for students and employees of wittenberg university. please note that during the holiday season, the dashboard will be updated only once per week during the weeks of dec. 18, dec. 21, and jan. 4. daily updates will continue nov. 30-dec. 18, and then start again on jan. 11. 

covid-19 case data

december 9, 2020





active cases

probable cases*

resolved positive

total positive
cases to date **

*a probable case is defined as a person meeting clinical criteria and epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for covid-19; a person meeting presumptive laboratory evidence and either clinical criteria or epidemiologic evidence; or a person meeting vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for covid-19.
** on 9/28/20, an active case was counted erroneously. this has since been corrected, and the total count has been adjusted accordingly.

clark county status: red

the ohio public health advisory alert system is a color-coded system designed to supplement existing statewide orders through a data-driven framework to assess the degree of the virus’ spread and to engage and empower individuals, businesses, communities, local governments, and others in their response and actions.

  • level 1 public emergency (yellow): active exposure with spread
  • level 2 public emergency (orange): increased exposure and spread. exercise high degree of caution.
  • level 3 public emergency (red): very high exposure and spread. limit activities as much as possible.
  • level 4 public emergency (purple): severe exposure and spread. only leave home for supplies and services.
covid-19 data for ohio covid-19 monitoring dashboard for ohio

wittenberg will not share personally identifiable information, including names, in this data report at any time. the covid response team will update the above information each day by noon and as information becomes available and verified.

as a reminder, a confirmed case is defined as a person who has tested positive for covid-19. the university may be also working with employees or students in quarantine due to exposure or who are awaiting results of a covid-19 test. 

questions? please contact the covid response team at

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